Lab Members and Alumni

Trisha Swift (1999) Northern Flicker clutch size in relation to cavity size

Lana Miller (2001) Age related reproductive success in flickers

Candace Elchuk (2002) Home range size in Northern Flickers

Sheri Fisher (2002) Effect of PCBs on reproductive success of American Kestrels

Ryan Fisher (2005) Effect of predation on nest site selection of flickers

Lori Fisher (2005) The size and composition of northern flicker eggs

Laurie Bannister (2006) Ectoparasites and northern flicker nestling growth

Tyler Flockhart (2007) Assortative mating and reproductive success in the hybrid zone

Kristina Cockle (current Ph.D.) Cavity limitation and nestwebs in the Argentinean Atlantic forest

Lindsay Glines (current BSc.). Causes and consequences of natal philopatry in flickers

If you are interested in becoming a graduate student in my lab, you must hold a scholarship (e.g. NSERC), or have a GPA > 80% to be eligible for a U of S scholarship.