Ordering Course Materials

Prior to placing your order for course material adoptions, please review the following important tips so we can ensure the correct materials will be ordered on-time for the beginning of the term. If you have any questions, please contact us at 306-966-4477 or textbooks_bookstore@usask.ca.

Textbooks, lab manuals, and other materials are ordered in response to requisitions submitted by a professor or department. Once the orders are received by Retail Services, students can access this information through a booklist available on PAWS. Please indicate if you do not require a textbook for a class to provide accurate information for students - a message will appear on the booklist indicating that the class does not require a text. If you are using an Open Educational Resource, please indicate that the required course materials are Open Educational Resources rather than indicating that no textbook is required.

Click either the “Required” or “Recommended” on the requisition. “Required” means every student in the class is expected to purchase a book, and we order accordingly. “Recommended” titles are considered valuable but not essential.   

Please notify the Bookstore as soon as possible if a class is cancelled and the textbook is no longer required.

The CRN is the course reference number and it is linked to the course description – subject, campus, credits, title, day and time, instructor, location, etc.  You can always find the CRN by searching www.usask.ca or the U of S Dynamic Schedule.  You can also contact your college or department.

Course Packages

Course Packages can include a collection of various materials, such as journal articles, excerpts from books or the professor's own work. Course packages can be submitted through the textbook adoption form and the Bookstore will work with on campus providers for the development and distribution of the product.

Lab Manuals

For classes requiring lab manuals, instructors can upload the files directly through the textbook adoption form. The Bookstore produces the manuals and inventories the appropriate number of printed versions for each class.

Submit a Textbook Adoption

Once you are ready to place your order, please use the online form here. If you encounter any issues or have any questions please contact us 306-966-4477 and we will assist you.
Returning users can log in directly to check on the status of a previous adoption or edit an order. 

Please note that if you do not receive a confirmation email, your order has not been submitted to the bookstore.

Deadlines for Ordering Textbooks and Course Materials 

March 1 Deadline to submit orders for Spring Term 1
April 1
Deadline to submit orders for Summer Term 2
May 1 Deadline to submit orders for Fall Term 1
October 1 Deadline to submit orders for Winter Term 2 

Copyright Clearance

Any materials instructors would like included in course packages are required to adhere to the university’s copyright policy. Retail Services provides copyright clearance assistance and can order printed course packages. Before submitting a course package, please consult the Copyright Clearance guidelines. For additional information regarding copyright and University of Saskatchewan policy, please consult the Copyright web page. Please contact textbooks_bookstore@usask.ca if you have specific questions regarding your course package.

Open Educational Resources

How the Bookstore supports OER at the U of S

Shop usask Bookstore fully supports the adoption of Open Educational Resources at the University of Saskatchewan. The continuing development and customization of OER allows faculty to select course materials best suited for their class and learning objectives. For students, OER makes the materials needed for their success more financially accessible and available in the format that best suits their needs. The Bookstore is happy to facilitate the use of OER by including open source material on a student’s book list, as well as by offering a Print on Demand option. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Print on Demand

Shop usask Bookstore offers a Print on Demand service for students using Open Textbooks. Printed texts are sold at $0.12 per double-sided page to cover printing costs. For more information, or to order a copy, please contact us.

Instructor Resources

If you are interested in finding, adopting, or learning more about Open Educational Resources, visit open.usask.ca.