This Course and Program Catalogue is effective from May 2016 to April 2017.

Not all courses described in the Course and Program Catalogue are offered each year. For a list of course offerings in 2016-2017, please consult the class search website.

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As of 2005-2006, certain course abbreviations have changed. Students with credit for a course under its former label may not take the relabeled course for credit.

The following conventions are used for course numbering:

  • 010-099 represent non-degree level courses
  • 100-699 represent undergraduate degree level courses
  • 700-999 represent graduate degree level courses

The following term designations are used:

  • 1 - Term 1 only
  • 2 - Term 2 only
  • 3 - Term 3 only
  • 1&2 - Term 1 and 2
  • 1/2 - Either Term 1 or Term 2
  • P - Phases (Medicine and Dentistry)
  • Q - Quarters (Veterinary Medicine)

The following instructional code designations are used:

  • L - Lecture
  • P - Practicum/Lab
  • S - Seminar/Discussion
  • C - Clinical Service
  • R - Reading
  • T - Tutorial

Please use the following form to look up courses and find detailed information on course prerequisites, corequisites, and other special notes. To view all 100-level courses in a subject, select a Subject Code and type 1% in the Course Number field. (200-level = 2%, etc.)


BPBE 320.3 — 1(3L-2P)
Introduction to Farm Business Management

The analysis and interpretation of farm business financial statements and the use of this information in planning future farm business decisions. Other subjects include machinery economics, individual enterprise analysis, capital investment analysis and succession planning.

Restriction(s): Not open to students in the BSA (AGEC) Program or in the BSCAGB Program
Prerequisite(s): Successful completion of 60 credit units of university level courses or permission of the instructor
Note: Students with credit for BPBE 62 will not receive credit for this course.

BPBE 356.3 — 1/2(3L)
The Economics of International Agribusiness

Provides an introduction to the international commercial policy and industrial environment within which international agribusiness operates and examines the business strategies available to firms to deal with the particular policy and commercial risks associated with international agribusiness.

Prerequisite(s): ECON 211.3 and BPBE 272.3 or permission of the instructor.
Note: Students with credit for BPBE 398 "Economics of International Agribusiness" will not receieve credit for this course.

BPBE 892.6 — 1&2
Aboriginal Land Management Project Course

This field-based project course focuses on some of the major issues Aboriginal Peoples face in the 21st century. It provides in-depth, hands-on exposure to Aboriginal development issues, including: wildlife, sovereignty, economic development, constitutional reform, leadership, land and water rights, etc. In particular, the course emphasizes problem definition, client relationships, and designing and completing a community based research project related to an identified community need. The course is devoted primarily to preparation and presentation of a comprehensive paper based on a field investigation. Students, in teams of two, will work with Aboriginal communities to address critical issues as identified by the community.

Permission of the department is required.
Restriction(s): Students will have completed a Bachelor's program in any discipline.

BPBE 899
Special Topics

Offered occasionally in special situations. Students interested in these courses should contact the department for more information.

BPBE 990

Reports and discussion on current development and research. All graduate students in Agricultural Economics are required to register. Attendance and at least one presentation required of postgraduate students during the period of their candidacy.

Formerly: AGEC 990
Note: Students with credit for AGEC 990 may not take this course for credit.

BPBE 992.0

Students undertaking the project Master's degree (M.Agr.) must complete the course as part of the requirements for the degree.

Formerly: AGEC 992
Note: Students with credit for AGEC 992 may not take this course for credit.

BPBE 994

Students writing a Master's thesis must register for this course.

Formerly: AGEC 994
Note: Students with credit for AGEC 994 may not take this course for credit.

BPBE 996

Students writing a Ph.D. thesis must register for this course.

Formerly: AGEC 996
Note: Students with credit for AGEC 996 may not take this course for credit.