What is Scholarly Work?

Whether it is in inquiry, teaching, integration, or engagement, to be scholarly, work must satisfy these six criteria:

  • Standards for Scholarly Work
  1. Clear goals
  2. Adequate preparation
  3. Appropriate methods
  4. Significant results
  5. Effective presentation
  6. Reflective critique

- Glassick et al., 1997

Look back at the scholarly work you have listed on the grid [PDF file]. How are you going to document it in an honest and persuasive way to show its value to you, your students or colleagues, the university, your profession?

  •  Scholarship in teaching has five characteristics
  1. It reflects the natures, values, fundamental concepts and modes of enquiry specific to the discipline.
  2. It considers learning assessments and outcomes.
  3. It inquires into the effectiveness of aims and research into teaching and learning.
  4. It responds to the need for continuous improvement resulting from reflection and inquiry.
  5. It communicates new questions and knowledge about teaching and learning.

- Trigwell et al.

For more information on how these principles of scholarly teaching can be translated into practice and documented, visit The Australian Scholarship in Teaching Project web site.