SoTL Publications from the UofS

This resource bank is designed to provide an easy link to U of S SoTL publications. We are using the online database RefWorks to sort the publication lists, please access it through the shared links below:

 U of S SoTL Publications

 The links go to a RefShare database with links to articles and websites. We also have a hard copy of the articles in our library if you would like to come into our center to look at them.

There are three options to view the items in the database - standard view, one-line cite view, and full view. Standard is the default, but not the most useful. We have found one line cite view to be useful for initial viewing of Journal Articles, and full view the best way to view websites.

This database is a dynamic work in progress. If you know of any articles or websites that should be mentioned, we would be happy to hear of them! If you have the CDL refworks username and password, feel free to login to RefWorks and post your articles!