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CGPS People

Mailing Address and General Inquiries

College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies 
Room C180 Administration Building
105 Administration Place
Saskatoon SK CANADA S7N 5A2

Telephone (306) 966-5751
Fax: (306) 966-5756
General E-mail: 

Ms. Cindy Wruck 
General Office Inquiries
Tel. (306) 966-5752

Dean's Office

Dr. Adam Baxter-Jones
Interim Dean
Tel. (306) 966-5759

Lori Lisitza
Executive Assistant to the Dean
Tel. (306) 966-5759 / FAX: (306) 975-1026

Dr. Trever Crowe
Associate Dean
Tel. (306) 966-1932

Kelly Clement
Programs Assistant 
Tel. (306) 966-2229

Special Projects / International / Recruitment

Penny Skilnik
Director of Internationalization & Special Projects
Tel. (306) 966-2022

Ana Maldonado
International Recruitment and Liaison Officer
Tel. (306) 966-2774

Kathi Suderman
International Recruitment and Liaison Officer
Tel. (306) 966-2774

Awards & Scholarships

Heather Lukey
Director of Graduate Awards and Scholarships
Tel. (306) 966-8697

Peggy Naughton
Senior Awards Officer
Tel. (306) 966-5760

Stephanie Kehrig 
Awards Officer
Tel. (306) 966-5760

Programs / Operations

Jennifer Drennan
Director of Programs and Operations

Jordan Heise
Programs Advisor

Alison Kraft
Programs Advisor

Darla Mitchell
Programs Advisor

Susan Prpich
Programs Advisor

Susan Mason
Document Management Administrator

Postdoctoral Fellows

Bobbi Mumm
Coordinator, Postdoctoral Fellows
Tel. (306) 966-5548

(Chelsea Smith, on leave)

Interdisciplinary Studies

James Dobson
Office Assistant, Interdisciplinary Studies
Tel. (306) 966-2171