Graduate Expenses

Books & Supplies
  • The required text books, supplies and equipment varies greatly from program to program. Costs will depend on the number of classes taken per year and if laboratory or other equipment is required.
  • Your graduate supervisor, or the units graduate secretary can tell you what books and equipment you will need. Some courses list the required text books on the UofS Bookstore website.
  • Annual estimates begin at about $1,350. This does not include the costs of a computer or other electronic equipment.
  • If you wish to check out the local costs for a new computer see the Campus Computer Store website.
  • You can purchase books online, including second hand books, from the UofS Bookstore website. Second hand books can also be found at book exchanges in the fall, from students advertising on line, or from posted ads on one of the many bulletin boards on campus.

Accommodation & Food

  • Information about on-campus residences for students (locations, room options, costs, meal plans, etc.) can be found at the UofS Residence website.
  • Many graduate students choose to live off-campus in general rental accommodation. Prices vary greatly depending on the distance from the campus, and if it is shared accommodation.

Personal Needs

  • Costs for clothing and personal items, entertainment and cell phones are highly variable depending on the individual.
  • Depending on where you come from, you may have the additional expense of purchasing new winter clothing. This would include a parka, hat and gloves, and winter boots for a minimum cost of about $250.


  • The UPASS bus pass is automatically assessed on student fees for the Fall and Winter Terms. Please visit the Graduate Students' Association UPASS page for more information on the UPASS, including details about pass pick up and opt-out options.

Health Care & Insurance