Step-by-Step Apply

For all Master's, PhD, & PGD Applications 

  1. Find a Program
  2. Check the Admission Requirements & Deadlines
  3. Contact the Department
  4. What to Expect Once You Begin
  5. Apply Online
  6. Document Check List

1. Find a Program

There are more than 100 master’s programs, 50 PhD programs and 16 postgraduate diploma options. To search for a program in your area see Find a Program

2. Check the Admission Requirements & Deadlines

For the minimum admission requirements set by the College of Graduate Studies see Admission Requirements.

Check your program’s website before you apply because:

  • Some programs have higher or additional admission requirements;
  • There are different application deadlines for different programs. Some departments also have separate deadlines for departmental scholarships and funding.
  • There are separate deadlines for applications for students from China who are applying with a scholarship from the China Scholarship Council, or from Vietnam who are applying with a VIED Fellowship. You may also be eligible for scholarships available through special partnership agreements between the College of Graduate Studies and Research and these countries. Other international students should check with the department to see if any special deadlines apply in their case.

The link to the program’s website is found on the program’s info page.

3. Contact the Department

All master's, doctoral and post graduate diploma students apply online. But the application procedures can vary between programs. Some departments ask you to identify a potential supervisor or research area before applying. Some departments require additional documentation.  The contact information for the program is found on the program’s info page.

4. What to Expect Once You Begin

The online application takes about 20 minutes to complete. You may start an application, save it, and return to it any time before the application deadline. To return, just log back into the online application with your Login ID and PIN.

If you are new to the University of Saskatchewan, you will start at a sign in page where you will need to create your own Login ID and PIN. Instructions on how to do this are provided on that page. Please ensure that you store your Login ID and PIN in a secure place.

If you are a returning student, you may log into PAWS and register through the Academics tab.

First, you will be asked to choose the application type. Please choose either:

  1. Graduate (A) MPAcc program
  2. Graduate (B) Fall Term start
  3. Graduate (C) Winter Term start
  4. Graduate (D) Spring Term start

Alternatively, prospective students applying to a non-degree program will follow the steps outlined on the Non-Degree Applications page.

After you have picked the Admission Term and input your name the Application Checklist will appear. Read this section carefully and complete all parts of the application. The blue icon on the Application Checklist will turn into a check mark when you have completed a section.

Application is Complete - click this button to submit your application. It will take you to the application fee payment screen. You may pay on line with a Credit Card OR you may click on Alternate Payment to use one of the other options.

5. Apply Online

You will need to have ready:

  • A valid e-mail address.
  • Your personal information, education history (including dates and grades from all schools/programs attended), and the correct title of the program to which you are applying, and the names, positions and email addresses of your references.  
  • Visa or MasterCard for online payment of $90 application fee. This is non-refundable and your application will not be considered complete until the fee is paid.

Paying online with credit card is the preferred payment method, and will ensure the quickest processing of your application. If are unable to pay online with credit card, you may choose one of the following options (please note that these options will result in longer processing times for your application):

A) If you are unable to complete your credit card payment online, but still wish to pay with credit card, you can submit a Credit Card Payment Form The Credit Card Payment Form can be faxed to 306-966-2115, or mailed to Student and Enrolment Services, 105 Administration Place, Saskatoon SK, Canada S7N 5A2.

B) If you do not have access to a credit card, the $90 fee may be paid in Canadian dollars by cheque, money order or bank draft. These may be made payable to “University of Saskatchewan" and submitted to: Student and Enrolment Services, 105 Administration Place, Saskatoon SK, Canada S7N 5A2.

6. Document Check List

In addition to completing your online application, you must:

  • Arrange for ALL of your official transcripts to be sent to the program by your past post-secondary institution(s). Applicants must submit transcripts from all previous post-secondary work. Addresses for all programs can be found here.

If your current degree is still in progress, you will need to arrange for your official final transcripts showing the awarding of your degree to be sent to your program.

Copies of transcripts are not acceptable as final admission documents, unless they have also been verified and stamped by your issuing institution.

  • Have your official English test results sent to program from the testing site. This is only for students who are not native English speakers. Check here to see if you will need to submit proof of English proficiency.
  • Send any other required documentation to your department.  You will be sent an email notifying you that we have received your application. After you receive this, you may log back into the online application to view a complete list of documentation and tasks that you need to complete to be admitted. Follow these instructions and contact the department if you have any questions.
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