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International Applications

The UofS is a member of CALDO, a consortium of Canada’s leading research universities.  The CALDO consortium is committed to international education and developing strategic partnerships with foreign governments, sponsoring agencies and groups of universities in order to enable students and researchers from Latin America to gain privileged access to the wide range of programs and state of the art research facilities of its member universities.  CALDO provides a single point of assistance to international students considering studies at any CALDO institution.  CALDO also enters into strategic partnerships with funding agencies around the world to provide services that help ease the process for their scholarship recipients.

CALDO invites students to submit a graduate pre-admission application form, identifying a preferred program and institution.  Students are also encouraged to contact faculty directly.  As such, academic units may receive inquiries from students who have come through CALDO, particularly scholarship students from Brazil’s Science Without Borders program.

Students applying through CALDO can select up to three institutions in which they are interested in studying.  If the U of S is one of these three, we will be given two weeks to screen and make offers of admission before the student’s file is made available to all CALDO institutions.  To facilitate fast turnaround times, the CGSR will invite interested faculty to submit specific information about program and research opportunities for PhD students.  This information will be used to direct student inquiries.

Resources and References for units to help assess international applications:

Special Case Admissions

Academic units without established Master’s or Ph.D. programs can accept a student as a special case admission, with the permission of the Dean and the Graduate Student Academic Affairs Committee of the CGSR. Candidates for Special Case admissions should be excellent students with a weighted cumulative average of at least 75% over the last two years (60 credit units). Instructions for Special Case applications are found on Form GSR 405. Students follow regular admission procedures using form GSR 101. The academic unit is responsible for completing the remainder of the Special Case application.