Flexibility II: Extensions to Time in Program

Graduate students and all those involved in graduate studies are strongly encouraged to ensure that students move as expeditiously as possible through their programs of studies. Prior to the final year of study, the student and Advisory Committee should agree to a schedule for completion. Official program time limits are 5 years for Master’s and Postgraduate Diploma and 6 years for Ph.D., whether students are registered in full or part time studies. This time is measured from the beginning of the first term of registration for work which is included in the Program of Studies (may be course work done at U of S or elsewhere, thesis, project, or practicum). Students who are approaching the time limit of the program without completing program requirements should meet with their Advisory Committee, preferably two to three months in advance of the end date.

Time extensions may be granted to students who encounter problems while actively trying to finish their program. Extensions are given in four month blocks only, to coincide with registration terms (Sept.1-Dec.31; Jan.1-Apr.30; May 1-Aug.31). Requests for time extensions should be initiated by the student using form GSR 205, specifically addressing the question of why the schedule of completion was not followed and providing a detailed plan, with a timetable, for completing remaining requirements. If the Supervisor and Advisory Committee support an extension, form GSR 205 should be forwarded to the Graduate Chair. The Graduate Chair may approve the first four-month extension to a student’s program, according to the CGSR policy. Any extensions beyond the initial extension require approval from the CGSR as outlined in the Policy and Procedure manual Section 5.1.7.

It is the responsibility of the student to register for the Extension term, according to usual procedures.

The academic unit must inform CGSR via e-mail (grad.programs@usask.ca) indicating the Extension has been approved. The CGSR will make appropriate changes to the GSIS file.


Page last updated: October 20, 2009