Flexibility II: Progress Reports

It is the responsibility of the Advisory Committee to regularly evaluate the student's progress, to take appropriate and timely action in view of this progress, and to keep records of this evaluation and all actions taken. Such evaluation of the student's progress, in the form of a meeting with the student during which minutes are kept, must occur at least once every 12 months. The Committee may recommend changes and additions to the student's program and changes to the research project. In addition, Advisory Committees should meet with the student and take appropriate action whenever problems arise.

The student will be required to submit a written progress report on the research project for Advisory Committee meetings and more frequently if asked to do so. The student is responsible for distributing a copy of this report to the Research Supervisor and each member of the Advisory Committee. The Committee may require the student to give an oral progress report to further explain and describe the research in progress.

Using GSIS, the Chair of the Advisory Committee will file a report at least once annually on the progress of the student. A report indicating unsatisfactory progress must be referred to the Dean of the CGSR for further action.