Flexibility II: Master's Defences

Eligible academic units may opt to schedule their own Master’s theses defences and appoint the External Examiners for these defences. The Graduate Chair on behalf of the advisory committee will recommend the person chosen to be the External Examiner to the Head of the department or Dean of the college. The Dean of the CGSR must be notified of the defence date using the Memorandum template normally used for notification of Master’s defences. CGSR will verify that the requirements for convocation have been fulfilled.

The department/program must maintain a record of External Examiners approved, as well as retain copies of documentation such as C.V.s where appropriate, and correspondence with the External Examiner.

Preparing for a Master's Defence under Flex II

CGSR will send to the External Examiner an official letter of invitation to serve at the defence. Attached to this letter will be a GSR 403.2 (Oral Defence Report of the External Examiner) and a copy of the Policy and Procedures for Master’s and Ph.D. Defences.

You will need to compile the following documents:

  1. A copy of the Policy and Procedures for Master’s and Ph.D. defences
  2. GSR 211 (Vote for Thesis Award)
  3. GSR 300.2 (Recommendation for the Award of the Master’s Degree)
  4. GSR 301 (Certification of Master’s Thesis Work)
  5. GSR 403.3 (Oral Defence Report of the Dean’s Designate/Graduate Chair)
  6. Non-Exclusive License to Reproduce Thesis (Library of Canada form)
  7. Checklist for Graduating Students

The Checklist for Graduating Students will be supplied to you by Grad Studies. Please ensure that the date information on the checklist is current. Please contact the Graduate Studies Advisor assigned to your unit if you have questions, or want to ensure that you have the most recent version of the checklist.

After the defence is over, CGSR will need original signed copies of items 2 through 6. These should be sent to the attention of the Convocation officer.

Please note this policy applies only to Master’s defences; Ph.D. defences will follow the normal CGSR policies and procedures.


(Last revision: April 26, 2013)