Electronic Theses & Dissertations (ETD)

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1. List of References or Bibliography

This list must contain every reference cited, mentioned or used in the text of the thesis. The references in this list should be arranged either alphabetically or numerically, in order cited in text. References not cited must not be listed in the bibliography. Departments and disciplines usually have a preference for the way in which references are cited. Students should consult with their supervisors or department heads to obtain information on the style manual approved by the department.

2. Appendices

The purpose of an appendix is to contain those research materials which are pertinent to the thesis, but which are not essential to an understanding of the work which the student has done. The types of material which may be contained in an appendix are:

  • proof of equations
  • raw data for analyses, figures, or tables
  • details of methods used on a specialized topic not of
    crucial importance to the discussion
  • a lengthy debate on a topic of secondary importance to
    the issues discussed
  • computer programs
  • illustrative material

Journal articles should not be included in the appendix. Appendices should be numbered consecutively using capital letters of the alphabet. Pages of the appendices are numbered consecutively respecting the overall pagination of the thesis. Tables should be numbered A1, A2, etc.

3. Vita

A brief bio-bibliography of the candidate is permitted.