Thesis Preparation

Guidelines for Preparation of a Thesis

The Editors Association of Canada has a downloadable PDF document, Guidelines for Editing Theses, that can be used by students and supervisors for editing theses.

In May 2014, new Guidelines for Manuscript-style Theses were approved by the Graduate Faculty (PDF file).

The following points are included here as additional reminders for the details that are most frequently overlooked:

  • NO CONVOCATION DATE IS TO BE INCLUDED ON THE TITLE PAGE. An example would be: “Copyright Student Name, December 2005 All Rights Reserved”.
  • Use Roman Numerals for pages prior to the first page of the introduction, Arabic numerals thereafter. Place the number in the center, bottom of the page – Do not include the title page in the numbering!
  • Landscape Pages must be numbered the same way as the rest of your thesis.
  • Do not include any signed forms in your electronic dissertation or thesis. Check with your department for requirements on any papers you need to include for their copies of your thesis.