Graduate Opportunity

    Master's or Ph.D. Opportunity re: human genome function and organization

    Posted December 1, 2013

    The Project: 

    Restricting nutrient/calorie intake promotes health and extends lifespan, however, the mechanisms governing this are not understood at the most basic level of our biology -- our genes. This understanding is essential in order to design therapies/dietary strategies and to identify naturally occurring molecules found in foods to combat age-related disease and increase lifespan. The work in my laboratory aims to identify not only the genes involved in mediating human health and longevity but also the mechanisms that drive this. Furthermore, our goal is to understand how nutrient induced changes in genome folding influences gene expression leading to increased health and longevity.

    An enthusiastic and hard working candidate is sought to examine how alterations in nutrient availability and sensing impact human health and longevity at the genomic level and to discover what basic mechanisms govern these alteration. The work will involve the use of human cells grown in culture in different nutrient conditions or in the presence of nutraceuticals (compounds with pharmacological properties found in foods) to measure the impact on human gene expression and genome organization. Candidates will receive training in the use of cutting edge techniques and technologies including high-throughput RNA-sequencing (RNA-seq), chromatin immuno-precipitation (ChIP), high resolution immuno-fluorescence (IF) microscopy and quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) as well as computational biology and bioinformatics

    Students holding a four year B.Sc. degree (or equivalent from a recognized institution) and cumulative average of 75% with backgrounds in (but not exclusively) biochemistry, cell biology, bioinformatics and systems biology are encouraged to apply. The ability to work independently is necessary and excellent oral and written communication skills are required. A successful application to the College of Graduate Studies and Research at the University of Saskatchewan will be required. Information on College admission requirements and application forms can be obtained at

    Starting Date: The project is to commence once a suitable candidate is found (January-September, 2014).

    Stipend: A stipend is available to aid in the completion of the M.Sc./Ph.D. program.

    How to Apply: Contact Dr. Christopher Eskiw at (ph. (306) 966-2454, fax (306) 966-8898).