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Course Coordinator & Advisor:          Wayne Robinson

Graduate Secretary: Melissa Zink

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Department of Bioresource Policy, Business and Economics
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“I am extremely fortunate to be enrolled in the Post Graduate Diploma program in Aboriginal Agriculture and Land Management. The importance of First Nations in agriculture and land management cannot be overemphasized especially when we consider the diverse land base we occupy. The program provides a solid foundation of knowledge in both agriculture and land management. More specifically, the program demonstrates how agriculture can and should play an important role for First Nations and economic development. Having the opportunity to obtain an internship with one of Canada’s largest corporate grain and cattle farms gave me further knowledge and experience to advance my career. Interning at One Earth Farms enabled me to work with a great team but also gave me a chance to learn from the industry’s best in agriculture.”

Michelle Delorme, Current student, B.A., J.D.

Aboriginal Agriculture & Land Management (P.G.D.)


The Post Graduate Diploma in Aboriginal Agriculture and Land Management is a unique program that provides students with practical training in agribusiness and land management. The program is specifically designed for Aboriginal students who have graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in a non-agricultural discipline, however all students are welcome to apply.

Our Post Graduate Diploma in Aboriginal Agriculture and Land Management is designed to prepare students for employment at the management level in the agriculture/agribusiness sector as well as help develop the skills required to become effective land managers. The program blends applied training in agribusiness management and agricultural production systems with training in land and resource management issues specific to aboriginal communities. The P.G.D. will be of interest to Aboriginal students from a wide-range of academic backgrounds. It will also provide a laddering opportunity for Aboriginal students into other graduate programs at the University of Saskatchewan.


Complete the online application and send the following to the Graduate Secretary.

  • Two official copies of your academic transcript(s): photocopies are fine at the time of initial application.
  • A curriculum vitae or resume

All candidates must also submit a brief statement of research interest (approximately 1-2 pages in length) that includes:

  • Specific areas of interest that could lead to a thesis or project topic.
  • A description of why the applicant wants to pursue research in the interdisciplinary context of the School of Environment and Sustainability.
  • A description of any employment or study experiences that relate to the research interests described.


The program runs on a January-December basis to allow the incorporation of the experiential learning and field study components.


The P.G.D. in Aboriginal Agriculture and Land Management is made possible through a generous grant from the Sprott Foundation. Support has also been provided by the Inroads Into Agriculture Institute.

Bursaries are available for eligible students.


The land base available to First Nations and the Métis is expanding as more and more land claims are being settled. As such, there is an urgent need for trained professionals to assist in areas of policy making, economic development and land resource management.

The agribusiness sector in western Canada has also stated its desire to have a higher percentage of aboriginal employees. Significant interest has been expressed in people who can operate at the interface between aboriginal communities and the agribusiness sector.

P.G.D. +

The PGD in Aboriginal Agriculture and Land Management consists of 30 credit units with at least 18 credit units of graduate level courses and 12 credits of undergraduate courses. This includes a mix of courses in three principle areas of study: three agriculture business and land management courses, three agricultural sector courses, and two courses that provide an exposure to indigenous knowledge and indigenous economic development. A six credit capstone course allows students to synthesize and apply the knowledge from the principle areas of study in a community based project.

PGD courses include the following:

  • Agribusiness Management
  • Aboriginal Nation Building in the 21st Century
  • Aboriginal Land Management Seminar Course
  • Aboriginal Land Management Project
  • Agricultural Production Systems
  • Introduction to Farm Business Management
  • Indigenous peoples and Natural resource Management
  • Field Studies in Agricultural Production Systems
  • Experiential Learning Internship


Students must have completed a four-year Bachelor’s degree with a minimum average of 65% in the final two years (60 credit units) of their undergraduate program.