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Department of Educational Psychology & Special Education


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Graduate Chair: Dr. Laureen McIntyre

Graduate Secretary: Charmaine Spezowka
Phone: (306) 966-5253

Department of Educational Psychology and Special Education
University of Saskatchewan
28 Campus Drive
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Canada S7N 0X1

I would recommend the School and Counselling Psychology program at the University of Saskatchewan because of the breadth and diversity of the program. I enjoyed learning about many streams of psychology in both school and counselling psychology that opened up a variety of employment opportunities when I completed the program.

Tara Labuik, MEd, BA
Educational Psychologist, Sun West School Division
School & Counselling Psychology
Graduate, 2010 

During my time at the University of Saskatchewan in the Department of Educational Psychology and Special Education, I have realized how much the professors care about their students. The professors are approachable, helpful and truly wanting to aid in your success within the Special Education program.  The courses in the program have different delivery methods, so it was possible to take classes while being a full time teacher.

Ivy Armstrong, B.Ed., B.Mus.(Mus.Ed.), B.A., P.D.C.
Current Special Education Graduate Student

I am proud to say that I graduated from the U of S’s School and Counselling Psychology program.  I was able to complete the Master’s degree program in two years, find employment following convocation, and be eligible for registration with the Saskatchewan College of Psychologists. I appreciated the varied coursework focusing on both assessment and intervention. The faculty was supportive; I had a strong supervisor who supported me and gave me opportunities to do additional research. 

Jacqueline Rhinas-Helberg, MEd, BA
School Counsellor, Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools; Registered Psychologist (Provisional), Saskatoon Health Region, Mental Health & Addiction
School & Counselling Psychology Graduate, 2006

Educational Psychology & Special Education

The Educational Psychology and Special Education Master's programs provide students with opportunities to specialize in the areas of School and Counselling Psychology; Special Education; and Measurement and Evaluation. Faculty members maintain active research programs in a range of areas, often integrating practice and research, and they enjoy close working relationships with students.


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Dean's Scholarships

Exceptional students are nominated for a Dean's scholarship, awarded in monthly competitions from January through March. Dean's scholarships are valued at $20,000 for PhD students and $18,000 for Masters.

 University Graduate Scholarships

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic achievement to support scholars who show excellent promise as researchers and teachers. Scholars receive approximately $15,000 (M.A.) or $18,000 (Ph.D.) over twelve months (these amounts include a summer scholarship component if eligible).

Other Funding Opportunities

There is a successful departmental history of students being awarded one-year SSHRC Masters Scholarships. Student research assistantships may also be available through faculty research programs. Further information on department faculty is available at:

M.Ed., School & Counselling Psychology +

This two-year full-time 36-credit plus thesis program integrates research and practice, and is unique across Canada in providing training in both school psychology and counselling psychology.  The program prepares future counsellors and psychologists who provide direct (assessment, intervention) and indirect (consultative, collaborative, advocacy) psychological services to children, youth, young adults, their families, school personnel, and the community working as members of interdisciplinary teams in various  academic, research, school, mental health, government, community agency, and private practice settings.


  • Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.), or Bachelor of Arts Honours (B.A. Honours) in Psychology, or Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in an area other than Psychology or Education
  • A cumulative weighted average of at least 70% (U of S grade system equivalent) in each of the final two years (e.g. 60 credit units) of the undergraduate program.
  • At least one year of successful work experience in a human services field.
  • Must have completed 30 credit units in psychology and the educational psychology prerequisites

M.Ed., (Special Education OR Measurement and Evaluation) +

This research intensive program is designed to prepare practitioners and researchers with specialization in either Special Education or Measurement & Evaluation. Students can enroll in the thesis route (18 credits plus thesis) or course-based route (30 credits). Program graduates in the special education stream are prepared to assume leadership or consultative positions in schools/school divisions, government agencies, businesses or post-secondary institutions. Program graduates in the Measurement & Evaluation stream may obtain employment as data analysts, research scientists, test developers, research consultants, assessment and testing specialists, certification and credentialing professionals, and psychometricians at research and testing organizations. Graduates of the program typically pursue careers as consultants, administrators, program designers/evaluators, or undertake further graduate work.


Special Education

  • four-year degree in Psychology or Education
  • A cumulative weighted average of at least 70% (U of S grade system equivalent) in each of the final two years (e.g. 60 credit units) of the undergraduate program.
  • minimum 6 credit units of undergraduate study in the area of Special Education
  • introductory statistics course

Measurement & Evaluation

  • four-year degree in Psychology or Education
  • A cumulative weighted average of at least 70% (U of S grade system equivalent) in each of the final two years (e.g. 60 credit units) of the undergraduate program.
  • intermediate statistics course