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Department of History


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Graduate Chair: Dr. Martha Smith-Norris

Graduate Secretary: Nadine Penner

Phone: (306) 966-5797

Department of History
University of Saskatchewan
9 Campus Drive
Saskatoon SK CAN S7N 5A5

Fall Reception welcoming new graduate students


Join our dynamic group of historians, engaged in a collaborative, broad ranging and diverse exploration of history. We work hard to incorporate our graduate students into this endeavour, through small seminars and a unique focus on graduate student research as essential parts of both the Masters and Ph.D. degrees. We pride ourselves on our favourable student-faculty ratio, substantial financial assistance, friendly environment, and the excellent reputation of our graduates.

Our Department has thesis-based M.A. and a Ph.D. programs. Areas of strength include Canadian, U.S., Latin American, British, European, Russian, and Ancient history. Our thematic areas of strength include Native-Newcomer Relations; The Great Plains; Gender and Sexuality; Science, Medicine and the Environment; and Twentieth-Century Politics, Culture, and Public Policy. We have close links with other departments, including English, women's and gender studies, native studies, geography and planning, the College of Agriculture, the College of Medicine, the Centre for the Study of Cooperatives, the International Studies program, and the School of Environment and Sustainability.


Standard Graduate Studies Application plus:

      • Curriculum vitae

      • MA program: a 1-2 page statement of intent concerning a proposed thesis topic or area of research

      • PhD program: a 1-2 page statement of intent or thesis proposal 
     a sample of written work (eg. a chapter of MA thesis)


For September admission: 

You should apply as early as possible; to be considered for funding, you must apply before March 1. 

July 1 deadline for International applicants; funding is unlikely at this time.

August 1 deadline for Canadian and USA applicants; funding is unlikely at this time.


All students planning on entering a graduate program next year who have a first class average (80%) in their last two years of course work should complete an application for a SSHRC graduate scholarship.

Dean's Scholarships - awarded in monthly competitions from January through March.  Students with first class standing (above 80%) are considered for Dean's scholarships valued at $20,000 for PhD students and $18,000 for Masters.

University Graduate Scholarships - awarded on the basis of academic achievement to support scholars who show excellent promise as researchers and teachers. Scholars receive approximately $15,000 (M.A.) or $18,000 (Ph.D.) over twelve months (these amounts include a summer scholarship component if eligible).

Graduate Teaching Fellowships - awarded on the basis of academic achievement and teaching ability or potential, and have a value of approximately $15,000 over twelve months. Services to the department such as tutorial teaching or its equivalent are required, totaling approximately 10 hours per week. The department usually supports 4 graduate teaching fellows at any time.

University Graduate Scholarships and Graduate Teaching Fellowships are available for a maximum of 24 months of total support for each M.A. student and 36 months for each Ph.D.; a scholarship and a fellowship may not be held concurrently.

Departmental Teaching assistants are responsible for conducting undergraduate tutorials and/or for grading essays. Current rate of pay is $17.36 per hour.

M.A. +

A student will not be admitted without a suitable faculty member identified and willing to serve as their supervisor. Please see the website for a listing of faculty members.


  • Four-year B.A. Honours degree or its equivalent
  • overall grade average of 70% in the last two full-time years of undergraduate study (e.g. 60 credit units)
  • 75% History average
  • strong letters of recommendation
  • evidence of ability to pursue advanced study and research and adequate preparation for the proposed field of study
  • evidence of proficiency in the language of instruction (English), if English is not the first language of the applicant (TOEFL or equivalent)

Ph.D. +

For a well-prepared candidate, the Ph.D. program involves approximately five years of study beyond the M.A. degree. As well as competency in English, a reading knowledge in a second language is required. Course work at the PhD level normally consists of reading courses organized around the comprehensive fields.


  • M.A. degree or its equivalent
  • minimum of 80% average in M.A. work
  • strong letters of recommendation
  • sample of previously written work (M.A. thesis or major paper)
  • evidence of ability to pursue advanced study and research and adequate preparation for the proposed field of study
  • Applicants to the Ph.D. program must present a specific thesis proposal, demonstrating their ability and commitment. The thesis proposal may be subsequently revised or refined.
  • evidence of proficiency in the language of instruction (English), if English is not the first language of the applicant (TOEFL or equivalent)