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Graduate Chair: Veronika Makarova

Graduate Secretary: Nadine Penner

Phone: (306) 966-5797

Linguistics and Religious Studies
University of Saskatchewan
9 Campus Drive
Saskatoon SK CAN S7N 5A5

Linguistics MA student giving her research talk at a national conference

Linguistics, Applied

The Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics involves coursework in the areas of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics plus writing and defending an MA thesis based on individual research. In particular, we are interested in research projects related to morphology, syntax, phonetics, TESOL, sociolinguistics, language acquisition.The M.A. in Applied Linguistics is a research based master of arts program

The programme includes:

  • 15 credit units of graduate coursework
  • Thesis (based on your original study in the areas of Linguistics or Applied Linguistics)
  • students are expected to complete the programme within 2 years

Faculty research includes general and applied linguistics, empirical linguistics, corpus linguistics, language teaching and language acquisition, language and culture interactions, phonetics, language documentation, morphology, syntax, computational linguistics, and sociolinguistics. Our recent research studies addressed language teaching methodologies, Computer Assisted Language Learning, corpus linguistics, maintenance of Ukrainian, Chinese and Russian languages in Canada, grammar of Inuktitut, the Russian language of Canadian Doukhobors, and German morphology.

Graduate students undertake analysis of national and minority languages and linguocultures of Saskatchewan and Canada. Recent topics dealt with extracurricular activities in university language classes, language attitudes of Ukrainian speakers in Saskatchewan, maintenance of Mandarin Chinese and Russian in the families of immigrants in Saskatchewan, Doukhobor language and culture, language attitudes and ethnic identity of Iranian immigrants in Saskatchewan, non-verbal communication in aquatic environments, discourse analysis of texts describing depression, language requirements of international students in Saskatchewan.


Standard Graduate Studies Application


Applications are accepted throughout the year.


For students with an average of at least 80% in the last two years of academic work, there are a limited number of graduate scholarships (up to $16,000 per year) available.  Students will also be considered for teaching assistantships, payable on an hourly basis for up to 8 hours per week, and Graduate Teaching Fellowships. Information on these and other potential internal and external funding opportunities will be provided to applicants being considered for admission. International students who have no scholarships from their home countries are invited to apply for Department scholarships. All scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit.

M.A. +


  • four-year Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Arts honours in Linguistics, language studies or language teaching (e.g., English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Modern Languages).
  • A cumulative weighted average of at least 75% (U of S grade system equivalent) in each of the final two full-time years (e.g. 60 credit units) of the undergraduate program.
  • Students with non-Linguistics B.A. degrees must have a strong background in Linguistics demonstrated in their transcripts (at least 5 general Linguistics courses).