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School of Physical Therapy


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Graduate Chair: Dr. Milosavljevic

Graduate Secretary: Bev Cuzner

Phone: (306) 966-6579

School of Physical Therapy
University of Saskatchewan
1121 College Drive
Saskatoon SK S7N 0W3

There are many opportunities for students to become involved with events both in and out of the university setting. I have truly enjoyed my experience in the Master of Physical Therapy Program and the relationships I have been able to make with students, faculty and staff.

Melissa Fry
M.P.T Program, Class of 2010

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a health profession dedicated to improving and maintaining physical mobility, independence, health and well-being. Physical therapists are primary health care professionals who work independently or as part of a multi-disciplinary team.

Physical therapists assess levels of mobility, strength, endurance and other physical abilities to determine the impact of illness or injury on physical function, whether at work, rest or play. They diagnose the condition and develop a treatment plan to restore movement and reduce pain or limitations to mobility. Physical therapists also advise people on how to manage their condition independently and help them prevent avoidable reoccurrences or complications.

Students entering the M.P.T. program will be engaged in academic activities for 11 of 12 months of the year, for 2 years and 6 weeks. The curriculum is made up of 10 modules of varying lengths. It differs from most university programs, which provide courses in two regular terms (Sept. to Dec., Jan. to April). The M.P.T. program at the U of S provides opportunities for each student to participate in a major project, clinical education, discovery time, case integration courses and integrated evaluation.

M.P.T. students will obtain first hand training in research methods under the supervision of a faculty member and clinical consultant in the course: PTH 992 – Major Project, with details noted on the M.P.T. Curriculum Online website.

The full-time, clinical and associate faculty members are also actively engaged in a wide range of clinically focused research projects. The School has a research laboratory situated in the Health Science Building on campus. Several faculty members collaborate with other researchers on campus in a variety of disciplines.


The deadline for receipt of applications and all supporting documents is December 15. Students must first complete the online MPT application form available on the School of Physical Therapy website to ensure that they meet admission requirements before applying through the College of Graduate Studies and Research. Students from any universities other than the University of Saskatchewan must arrange to have their transcripts forwarded directly to the school. Two copies of an official transcript of final marks for second term courses, which will confirm the awarding of the baccalaureate degree, must be received by May 31 in the year in which the application is being made.


Travel Grant for Clinical Practice: A new travel grant to support travel and accommodation during clinical practice courses.

CGSR Awards Database: Search here for the most up to date information on the School of PT awards plus externally administered awards that a physical therapy student may qualify for. Search under department for "School of Physical Therapy".

Sask Health Bursary Program: Bursaries are available each year from the Saskatchewan Government to encourage students to work in Saskatchewan following graduation. Deadline for application is early May.


A degree in physical therapy offers countless opportunities for employment in the public and private sector. Physical therapists work in a variety of practice settings:

  • hospitals and acute care facilities
  • rehabilitation centres
  • long-term care facilities
  • home care programs
  • public health units
  • private clinics
  • schools
  • child development centres
  • recreation centres
  • sports clinics and facilities
  • universities


For admission and degree requirements, please see  the University Catalogue.

M.P.T. +


Applicants must be Canadian citizens or landed immigrants they must reside in Saskatchewan or the territories or have proof of aboriginal ancestry.

  • Have a four year baccalaureate degree (in any discipline) from a college or university of acceptable standing
  • Human Physiology (6 credit units) – PHPY 302.3 and one of PHPY 301.3, PHPY 303.3, or HSC 350.3 or equivalent.
  • Statistics (3 credit units) – STAT 245.3 or PLSC 314.3 or equivalent
  • Basic Human Anatomy (3 credit units) – ACB 310.3 or equivalent
  • Minimum 70% average normally calculated using the most recent minimum 60 credit units of university course work

Qualified applicants will be ranked according to academic standing in the most recent minimum 60 credit units and 96 will be granted an interview.