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Department of Linguistics and Religious Studies


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Graduate Chair: Dr. Mary Ann Beavis

Graduate Secretary: Nadine Penner

Phone: (306) 966-5797

Department of Religion & Culture
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919 Arts Building
9 Campus Drive
University of Saskatchewan
Saskatoon, SK S7N 5A5

The U of S Graduate Program in Religion and Culture has provided me with academic tools and new approaches that have supplemented my Seminary education and my life experiences as a clergyperson. The extensive coursework, readings, research papers, and seminar opportunities have all expanded my horizons, both academically and in the Interfaith community work that is so important. Our excellent professors and my fellow students have challenged me and helped me to grow in wonderful new directions.

Neil Schwartz

M.A. Student
Religion and Culture

Religion & Culture

The Department of Linguistics and Religion is one of the core Humanities departments at the University of Saskatchewan, providing graduate students with opportunities to explore the world's religions through various interdisciplinary perspectives. Our course offerings demonstrate this breadth of perspectives, which range from focused explorations of particular religious traditions (e.g., Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity) to cross-cultural comparisons of religious views on such topics as leadership, non-violence, and death.

Students entering into the M.A. in Religion and Culture may opt for one of three areas of specialization: Western Religious Traditions, Eastern Religious Traditions or Religion in Interdisciplinary Perspectives. Students normally take two years to complete the degree. There is a second language requirement and the means by which students will meet this is determined at the time of admission.


Standard Graduate Studies Application.


The deadline for applications for a September start is January 31st. Interested applicants are strongly advised to contact the graduate chair.


The University of Saskatchewan provides a limited number of graduate scholarships amounting to $15,000 per twelve-month period to qualifying students. (An average of at least 80% must have been obtained in last two years of academic work). Academic Student Assistantships are available, payable on an hourly basis for work (not exceeding 8 hours per week) provided to faculty and the department. A limited number of Graduate Teaching Fellowships are available with expectations that student will teach one course or equivalent work in the academic year. Information on other potential internal and external funding opportunities will be provided.


An M.A. in Religion and Culture is an excellent base for students interested in careers such as administration, education, journalism, and public relations. Students who wish to continue with graduate study may choose a Ph.D. in Religious Studies or theological training.


For admission and degree requirements, please see  the University Catalogue.

M.A. +


  • A four-year Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Honours or equivalent, with significant exposure to religious traditions of the East and the West along with some familiarity with the methodological and thematic issues involved in academic study of religion. Students with a degree in a cognate subject with a limited background in the discipline may be admitted as probationary students with the requirement to do some supplemental work
  • A cumulative weighted average of at least 70% (U of S grade system equivalent) in the last two years of full-time study (e.g. 60 credit units)
  • Demonstrated ability for independent thought, advanced study, and research.
  • International applicants must meet the English proficiency requirements set forth by the College of Graduate Studies and Research.