INTD 990 Seminar Series

Upcoming 990 Seminars:

Seminar Dates for 2015-2016:

  • October 26, 4:00 in ARTS Room 104
  • November 30, 4:00 in ARTS Room 104
  • January 25, 4:00 in ARTS Room 104
  • February 29, 4:00 in ARTS Room 104
  • March 28, 4:00 in ARTS Room 104

Please contact the Gaduate Program Assistant if you are interested in presenting at any of these seminars.

Course Description:

Seminars are an important element in the research and scholarly community of the university. They provide students with:

  • access to the work and ideas of faculty, graduate students and visiting scholars,
  • chance to debate and discuss issues with faculty and other students,
  • opportunity to present their own research and receive feedback.

Students must register in the INTD 990 seminar course every fall and winter term until the student has defended their thesis. There are no tuition fees for this course, no credit unit weight, and it does not reduce course requirements in the required program of study. The INTD 990 seminar course does not involve examinations.

The INTD 990 seminar course has two components; both are mandatory.

  1. Participation in the Interdisciplinary Seminar (INTD 990) held monthly where faculty and students present their work. Students are expected to attend regularly and to make a presentation on some aspect of their research at one of the sessions. Masters students are required to make at least one presentation in this seminar series during their program of study. PhD students are required to make at least two presentations in this seminar series during their program of study.
  2. Attendance of seminars - Masters students must attend a minimum of 6 seminars during their program; PhD students must attend a minmum of 9 seminars during their program.

Student Presentations

Students must prepare an abstract (300 words) of the material that they will present at the seminar and submit it at least one week in advance to

Presentation content should be related to the student’s area of study and can include an overview of the pertinent literature, a summary of the research proposal or a synopsis of their research thesis and its findings. Presentations will include:

  • a 10 to 15 minute general overview of their reserach field of study
  • a 10 to 15 minute overview of the research methodology and theoretical underpinings
  • a 10 minutes discussion of the interdisciplinary nature of the research topic (A suggestion would be to use a concept map tos how the interdisciplinarity of the reserach and methodology with key scholars and literature in your area).

Unless otherwise specified, presentations will be open to the public. Constructive feedback will be solicited by the INTD 990 Seminar Coordinator and subsequently shared with the student presenter.

Attending Public Seminars

Students are required to provide evidence of their attendance at the campus seminars to verify that this mandatory program requirement has been met prior to making formal application for graduation. Students should use the standard form available from the Interdisciplinary Studies website. A separate form for EACH seminar attended is required and must include the signature of the seminar coordinator.