Dean's Scholarship Program

The intent of the Dean's Scholarship is to attract and recruit high-calibre students to the University of Saskatchewan.  These awards will be offered to students who have outstanding academic records, show research promise and are registering for the first time in a thesis or dissertation-based graduate program in January, May or September of 2014 at the University of Saskatcewan.  Note:  Students must be nominated by the Interdisciplinary Studies Committee.  Applications directly from students will not be accepted.

Dean's PhD Scholar
A Dean's PhD Scholar will receive $22,000 for a three-year period.  In order to receive the second year of funding the Dean's Scholarship Program, recipients of the doctoral awards must maintain an 80% GPA after registration at the U of S.  They must submit a research proposal before the end of the first year in the program that is endorsed by the student's graduate advisory committee, and successfully complete, if applicable, the qualifying exam within the first year in the program.
Dean's Master's Scholar
A Dean's Master's Scholar will receive $18,000 for a two year period.  After the first year students must provide evidence that they are making satisfactory progress toward completion of program.

To be eligible to be nominated for a Dean’s scholarship, the student must have an entrance average of 85% and show promise of excellent research potential, as indicated by previous research productivity.

For funding levels and additional information on this scholarship, please check the following sites on graduate funding for Canadian Students and International Students