Graduate Supervisor

Each student admitted to the Interdisciplinary Program must have a graduate supervisor. Students considering applying should contact prospective supervisors directly. You may also contact the Chair of the Interdisciplinary Committee, or any of the Interdisciplinary Committee members, to seek their advice on who might be a potential graduate supervisor for your program.

Students will work closely with their proposed supervisor in the preparation of the application. The supervisor will be actively involved in assisting with the preparation of the program proposal.  This will describe all of the requirements for the degree including the courses the student will take, research project, thesis and other work.

Students work together with their supervisor to select the members of their student advisory committee (SAC). The supervisor  also is a member of the SAC.

Each student is required to submit an annual report regarding the progress they are making in their program to their supervisor. Their supervisor must endorse this report and send it to the SAC Committee Chair and the Graduate Chair.