Devolved Scholarship Increase

Acting Dean Adam Baxter-Jones is pleased to announce that all units receiving devolved scholarship funds for 2013/2014 will receive an increase of 9% of their 2013/2014 allocation.

In May 2013, PCIP agreed to provide increased devolved funding for the 2013/2014 and 2014/2015 academic years, with the stipulation that the CGSR conduct a review of each unit’s scholarship plan. The CGSR is very grateful for all the detailed plans provided and reports that overwhelming majority of units provide scholarships to students with GPA’s of 80% or higher. These were provided to master students in the first two years of their programs and to doctoral students in either the first three or four years of their programs. Further, it was found that 53% of all master students would receive annual scholarships of $16,000 or greater and 36% of doctoral students would receive scholarships of $20,000 or greater.