Thank You for Graduate Program Review 2011

We sincerely thank those who were engaged in the graduate program review process. Department heads, graduate chairs and their faculty colleagues have all invested time and energy in the review activities to ensure that we adhere to international standards. In particular, we would like to note the important work of our university colleagues pictured to the right who served as internal members of the review panels.

The six internal reviewers:

Dr. A.J. (Fred) Remillard, College of Pharmacy and Nutrition "Graduate Program in Toxicology"

Dr. Lope Tabil, College of Engineering "Graduate Program in Plant Sciences"

Dr. Andrew Potter, Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization "Graduate Program in Food and Bioproduct Sciences"

Dr. Vikram Misra, Western College of Veterinary Medicine "Graduate Program in Animal and Poultry Science"

Dr. Hans Michelmann, College of Arts and Science "Graduate Program in Bioresource Policy, Business and Economics"

Dr. Peta Bonham-Smith, College of Arts and Science "Graduate Program in Soil Science"

We very much appreciate all of your contributions to this important initiative.

The review outcomes will be presented to University Council in the fall of 2011. For more information on the graduate program review, please visit

Fred Remillard

Dr. Remillard

Lope Tabil

Dr. Tabil

Andrew Potter

Dr. Potter

Vikram Misra

Dr. Misra

Hans Michelmann

Dr. Michelmann

Peta Bonham-Smith

Dr. Bonham-Smith