Student Funding Increases

Graduate Student Scholarship and devolved funding increase ...

Dr. Adam Baxter-Jones announced on May 9th that the funding levels for graduate student scholarships awarded by the College will increase effective September 1st as follows:

  • Non-Devolved Masters scholarship rates will increase by 6.7% from $15k to $16k per year and PhD scholarship rates will increase by 11.1% from $18k to $20k per year.
  • The Deans PhD Scholarships will increase by 10% from $20k to $22k per year (Deans Masters Scholarships will remain at $18k per year, 0% increase.)
  • The Teacher-Scholar Doctoral Fellowships will increase by 11.1% from $18k to $20k (by 17% from $12k to $14k from CGSR and by 0% $6k from the unit)

For further details and background information, and for an update on the potential provision of additional funding, on a two year term basis, to support each unit’s devolved fund allocations, see attached memorandum.