15. Appeals

Appeals as discussed in the following sections, including re-reads, will be handled according to Student Appeals in Academic Matters. Unless the CGSR Dean agrees otherwise, the first formal step in grievance procedure is to be taken within 30 days of the alleged grievance. Other time limits for appeals will be those applying in the College to which the student's academic unit belongs.

15.1. Appeals With Respect to Academic Standing

The Student Appeals in Academic Matters outlines regulations and procedures to be followed by students seeking a review of grades assigned for examinations and other work.

There are two steps to the appeal process:

  1. The graduate student should consult with the Chair of his/her Advisory Committee (or the Chair of the academic unit Graduate Committee where no committee exists), the academic unit Head, and the Dean of the CGSR before invoking formal procedures. These individuals are charged with the responsibility of encouraging an informal review and resolution of the dispute.
  2. If, after these consultations, the student is dissatisfied, she/he may petition the Master’s or Ph.D. Committee of the CGSR, as appropriate, for a formal ruling on the matter. If the concern relates to a written examination, essay or research paper, the student may request, or the Committee may institute a re-read procedure similar to that described above for undergraduate students. If the concern involves any other form of assessment, the Committee shall consider and rule on it. The ruling by the Master’s or Ph.D. Committee of the CGSR on a matter of substantive academic judgment will be final. This includes decisions on the acceptability of the thesis and the results of oral examinations.

The Master’s or Ph.D. Committee hearing the appeal shall meet with the student making the appeal and permit a verbal presentation. The student shall have the right to be accompanied by a representative who must be a member of Graduate Faculty and who may speak on behalf of the student. Depending on the nature of the appeal, the Committee shall invite other interested parties to appear at the appeal as witnesses.

University policy and procedure on academic appeals also apply.

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15.2. Appeals With Respect to Academic Unit Recommendation to Discontinue

A student may appeal a recommendation that he/she be required to discontinue. The Associate Dean will inform the student of the right to appeal, and provide advice, if requested, as to the type of information that must form part of the appeal. The student will also be informed of the date by which an appeal must be submitted.

Upon receipt of an appeal, the Associate Dean shall inform the academic unit Head and/or Graduate Chair that an appeal has been submitted and provide information regarding the nature of the appeal in writing. The academic unit may, if it so wishes, withdraw its recommendation to discontinue at this time. Should the academic unit stand by its original recommendation; the case will be referred to the Graduate Academic Affairs Committee of the CGSR. The Committee shall conduct an investigation into the matter and make a binding recommendation.

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