1. General Course of Events for Thesis and Defence

1.1. Permission to Write Thesis

1.2. Preparation of the Approved Thesis

(making revisions suggested by supervisor, assembling complete document, etc)

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1.3. Submission of the Thesis to Committee

(supervisor responsibility in process, distribution of document to AC, evaluation for eligibility to defend, unit responsibility to keep records updated and accurate, with link to http://www.usask.ca/cgsr/policy-and-procedure/defence.php)

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1.4. Selection of the External Examiner

(comments on conflict of interest, indicates req. of 3 & 4 week notices, note on accommodating disability, with link to http://www.usask.ca/cgsr/policy-and-procedure/defence.php)

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1.5. Preparation for the Oral Examination

(student responsibility to have POS completed, be registered, have fees paid, unit responsibility to inform student of department req’s re: defence, supervisor resp. to advise and support, student’s public seminar or oral presentation, all arrangements for Master’s level defences handled by unit, E.E. represents the CGSR Dean)

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1.6. Dissertation Summary

(req’d by CGSR, details on length of doc & what to include) back to top

1.7. The Oral Examination (Defence)

(what to expect, how to manage dissenting votes, with link to P&P 13.4 http://www.usask.ca/cgsr/policy-and-procedure/defence.php)

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1.8. Submission of Electronic Theses and Dissertations

(this document will replace whatever pages currently exist)

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1.9. Convocation

(only get degree by applying & being approved to graduate, make sure fees are paid,    more information available from Convo office, with link to http://students.usask.ca/academics/graduation.php - this site reflects deadline dates)

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