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Down Under the Hard Sphere

A Symposium in Honour of Robin J. Speedy

Wellington, New Zealand

Friday July 9th, 2010



Come and join us in celebrating all things liquid in a one day symposium dedicated to Robin Speedy. This informal meeting will be held on July 9th, in Wellington, New Zealand and will give us a great opportunity to talk about everything from water, to glasses, to statistical geometry. There will be a number of short talks and plenty of time to discuss problems over coffee and food.


The meeting will be held at Rutherford House, which is located on the Pipitea Campus of Victoria University of Wellington, in the downtown heart of the city and near the water front.

Visa Information

Information regarding visa requirements for travel to New Zealand can be obtained from the New Zealand immigration website.

Hotel Information

The three hotels listed below are downtown and near the meeting room in Rutherford House. Others can be found at the Wellington tourism website. July is a busy time in Wellington so it will be worth booking rooms early.

Other Conferences

There are a number of conferences in the region around the same time that will be of interest to many:

  1. Freezing, Fluctuations, Flow and Frustration: The Structure and Dynamics of Liquids 12-16 July, Sydney, Australia (Statphys Satellite Meeting).

  2. Statphys 24 19-23 July Cairns, Australia

  3. Nucleation, Aggregation and Growth 26-30 July, Bangalore, India. (Statphys Satellite Meeting).