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Our main interest lies in understanding the fast kinetic processes involved in molecules after the absorption of light. We use fast pulsed lasers (ns to fs) for both excitation (pumping) and interrogation (probing) of systems of interest.

 Major instrumentation available to the laser chemistry group includes steady state spectrophotometers (Varian Cary 500) and spectrofluorometers (J-Y Spex Fluorolog, soon to be replaced with a new PTI QM-4 instrument) and pulsed laser-based instruments. The latter include a Coherent RegA femtosecond laser system used as the excitation source for fs fluorescence upconversion measurements, and a second Coherent ps laser system used for time-correlated single photon counting measurements of fluorescence decays. A ps transient absorption instrument is under development.


   The Femtosecond Fluorescence upconversion system