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Study Credits Telehealth Presentation - December 13, 2006

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Introduction: Dr. D. Natarajan [ Watch video ]
Family Physician Perspective: Dr K.J. Lawrence [ Watch video ]
Specialist Perspective: Dr J.A. Thiel Watch video ]

Question Period:

Does assisting at surgery meet the criteria for study credits? [ Watch video ]

Do part time physicians require submitting the full number of credits? [ Watch video ]

Is there reciprocity with educational programs in the US and Europe? [ Watch video ]

Why do physicians need to pay a fee to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada for their study credits to be tracked? [ Watch video ]

What verification is needed for journal reading credits? [ Watch video ]

How can geographically isolated specialists acquire credits? [ Watch video ]

How can credits be claimed under the “ Contributing to the Medical Community” section? [ Watch video ]

Can credits be claimed for browsing the Internet? [ Watch video ]

How can audiotapes be used for obtaining credits? [ Watch video ]

How must a Journal Club be established to meet credit requirements, and how do specialist grand rounds obtain accreditation? [ Watch video ]

If physicians are already members of the College of Family Physicians of Canada do they need to pay an extra $300 to have credits tracked? How many credits can be claimed for writing an original article for an accredited journal? [ Watch video ]

Why is there a discrepancy between the hours required by the College of Physicians and Surgeons for family physicians and those required for specialists? [ Watch video ]

How do full College of Family Physicians of Canada fees compare to fees for credit tracking only? [ Watch video ]

What credits can be claimed by physicians who have been assessed by the Practice Enhancement Program? [ Watch video ]

Provincial Practice Review and Enhancement Programs

Most provinces conduct organized practice review programs. These are usually sponsored by the provincial licensing authorities and are conducted by themselves, or by medical associations or universities. Members may claim MAINPRO-C credits for participating in these as long as they use the experience and information generated to reflect actively on their practice. Members should complete and submit the specific “Submission form for MAINPRO-C credits" form for provincial practice review and enhancement programs (available at in PDF format). If the assessment and feedback is very comprehensive, more than one form can be submitted as long as each one is based on a distinctly different question. Three (3) MAINPRO-C credits can be claimed for each form submitted.

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Can credit be claimed for attending department educational meetings, and how can physicians obtain proof of attendance? [ Watch video ]

What proportion of MOC credits must be Section 1? [ Watch video ]

How many MOC credits must be acquired per year? [ Watch video ]

How can a physician be sure that web-based programs are accredited? [ Watch video ]

Can Royal College of Physicians and Surgeon credits be submitted manually? [ Watch video ]

Why is obtaining accreditation for programs so difficult and so expensive? [ Watch video ]

How does pharmaceutical company involvement affect the allocation of study credits to an educational program? [ Watch video ]