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Vitamin D: Mother, Fetus and the Newborn

This was a perinatal Grand Rounds presentation offered on February 13, 2008 by Dr. K. Sankaran, MD, FRCPC and Dr. J.D. McNally, MD

There has been a great deal of interest in the roles of Vitamin D in healthcare and maintenance over the past few years.

The Canadian Pediatric Society has developed a set of recommendations for Vitamin D supplementation for mothers and infants. The video presentation by Dr. J.D. McNally and Dr. K. Sankaran outlines these recommendations. Click here for a link to the CPS publication.

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  1. Introduction and History of Vitamin D [ Watch video ]
  2. Vitamin D Basics [ Watch video ]
  3. Vitamin D and Sunlight [ Watch video ]
  4. Dietary Facts [ Watch video ]
  5. Risk Factors for Vitamin D. Deficiency [ Watch video ]
  6. Vitamin D Levels and Risk of Disease [ Watch video ]
  7. Vitamin D and Maternal Child Health [ Watch video ]
  8. Vitamin D New Recommendations [ Watch video 1 ] [ Watch video 2 ]
  9. Vitamin D References