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Orientation Guide to Medical Practice and Life in Saskatchewan...



Opening [Watch Video]

Lifestyle Information Section

Culture Shock [Watch Video]

Lifestyle Concerns [Watch Video]

Note on Saskatchewan Housing

Since these videos were prepared, Saskatchewan has experienced a significiant change in its business and financial situation due to the increased demand for its two main natural resources, oil and potash.  Although this has been a great benefit to the Province in general in that many Canadians are moving or relocating to Saskatchewan, it has resulted in a fluctuation in housing costs.  As a guide the current cost of housing is approximately double the prices quoted in the video segments on this website.  CPL apologizes for any discrepancies between what is stated on our videos and what the current costs are.

Professional Information Section

Licensing, Rights, and Responsibilities [Watch Video]

Health Care System: Saskatchewan Health [Watch Video]

Health Care System: Regional Health (e.g. Saskatoon) [Watch Video]

Associations/Programs Saskatchewan Medical Association [Watch Video]

Associations/Programs Practice Enhancement Program [Watch Video]

Associations/Programs MD Management, Canadian Medical Association [Watch Video]

Resources/Services College of Medicine, Continuing Professional Learning [Watch Video]

Resources/Services Health Sciences Library and Health Information Resources (SHIRP) [Watch Video]

Resources/Services Specialist and Ambulance Services [Watch Video]

Doctor-Patient Relationships Boundaries [Watch Video]

Doctor-Patient Relationships Complaints and Communication [Watch Video]

Doctor-Patient Relationships Aboriginal Culture [Watch Video]

DVD/video Evaluation Form

Guide Information

Introduction/Table of Contents

Family and Lifestyle


Canadian Medical System

Professional Organizations

Professional Practice

Professional Development

Conference Materials

Glossary of Abreviations

Glossary of Terms

Address Book

Orientation Guide Evaluation Form

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