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Core Library Program for Saskatchewan Physicians

"Basic" Core List | "Extended" Core List

What is the Core Library Program?

A program designed to assist you with all aspects of your "print" needs. There are two parts to the Library Development Program.

  1. Hospital Library Development - books and journals
  2. Information Retrieval

How Do They Work?

1. Hospital Library Development:

We have developed lists of recommended books and journals suitable for hospitals of various sizes. The #1 "Basic Core" list is suited to hospitals up to 50 beds, and contains excellent reference texts in the general categories. The most suitable journals are also listed.

The #2 "Extended" list includes reference texts most suitable for libraries in hospitals of 50 - 200 beds. This list is in addition to books on the #1 "Basic Core".

For hospitals over 200 beds, we recommend that physicians consult the Health Sciences Library in either Saskatoon or Regina.

2. Information Retrieval Program: How Does It Work?

There are two areas of information retrieval:

a) If you know of articles you would like, you may call or write the Health Sciences Library and cite the author, journal, volume number, date and title of the article you would like sent to you.

b) If you would like further information on a subject that interests you, either for assistance with your day to day practice of medicine, or for continuing medical education purposes, call or write the Health Sciences Library and request the information you require. Please be specific in your request and assist the librarian be defining the type of material you want.

Example: If you wish further information on Peptic Ulcer:

Do you require articles of general interest or of a specific nature such as:

  1. Diagnostic - techniques, lab, x-ray, or other
  2. Drug Therapy in - 'specify'
  3. Surgical Intervention of - 'specify'

The information you desire may often be best obtained by a "Medline Search". Medline is a computer data base which contains over half a million citations to articles in 3,000 biomedical journals. While Medline serves the same purpose as "Index Medicus", in identification of recent articles, it provides a faster means of searching the literature.


The Health Sciences Library will charge 25 cents per page (minimum charge of $3.00) for articles owned by the library. If the article is not available within the library, costs incurred in obtaining the article from another library, will be passed on.

Medline searches cost $1.50 per minute of search time. The average time of each search is 10 minutes, and the average search costs approximately $15 - $20 with a minimum charge of $7.50.

Canadian Library of Family Medicine:

The Canadian Library of Family Medicine (CLFM), located in London, Ontario, at the University of Western Ontario, is an information service for family physicians. Among the services offered to members of the College of Family Physicians of Canada are Literature Searches at a cost of $8 per subject search, with one free search per year.

Telephone:   (519) 661-3170
Fax: (519) 661-3880

Interlibrary Loans:

All Saskatchewan physicians may borrow books on an interlibrary loan basis. Loaned books may be kept for two weeks but are subject to recall after one week. This service is provided free of charge by the Health Sciences Library.

Journals may not be borrowed on an interlibrary loan basis.

The only books which may not be borrowed are those classified as "reserve books" which must be retained for medical students who wish to use them within the Health Sciences Library. Most "reserve" books are also "Core" books which your hospital may wish to purchase on your behalf.

Who Do You Contact at the Health Sciences Library?:

Debbie Chomyshen
Interlibrary Loans
Health Sciences Library
University of Saskatchewan
Saskatoon SK  S7N 5E5

Telephone:   (306) 966-5995
Fax: (306) 966-5918

Thank you for your interest in our Core Library Program

#1 "Basic" Core List

#2 "Extended" Core List