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Primary Health Programs

This page will be updated with Non-CPL Primary Healthcare programs as they are received.  Please check back often to find out what's new!

Advanced Trauma Life Support

Sasktoon Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) is a non-profit organization which provides training in trauma management to Saskatchewan physicians and residents.  We currently run four courses per calendar year, with two spring and two fall/winter courses.  The maximum number of participants per course is 18.  Each course has approximately five auditor positions for physicians and non-physician providers.  We also welcome all providers and students alike to volunteer as moulage patients for every course.

The course fee is currently $700 and auditor positions are free; however, these prices are subject to change.

For further information, please contact:

Jon Schmid, RN, BScN

Administrative Coordinator

Saskatoon Advanced Trauma Life Support

Box 16, Site 313, RR#3

Saskatoon SK  S7K 3J6

(306) 220-3603

or email:


PsychTalk Website

What is PsychTalk?

PsychTalk is an educational website, launched by the Department of Psychiatry, University of Saskatchewan. This family practitioner/psychiatry interactive website is a pilot and innovative project sponsored by the RUH Foundation. PsychTalk contains specific information about mental health and addiction services and programs, and a variety of available educational and informative resources, including the WHO Mental Disorders in Primary Care Binder. Relevant screening instruments for mental disorders as well as the waiting list for Saskatoon psychiatrists will be posted on this site. Saskatchewan family practitioners (FPs) will be able to log on to this website and directly type in relevant questions regarding the field of psychiatry. These questions will be directed to a psychiatrist who will answer them. For instance, FPs might ask questions about dosage requirements, diagnosis issues, available and current types of mental health services, etc. Four psychiatrists from the Department of Psychiatry have graciously agreed to donate their time to answer these questions during this pilot project. This service should assist general practitioners to provide improved quality of mental health care for their patients.

Access to PsychTalk?

Access to this site will be granted to Saskatchewan family practitioners in stages. A 6-week pilot study began in July 2007. Access to the site was given to a selected group of Saskatchewan physicians to make sure that the website was up and running and functioning smoothly. After this pilot study is completed, access to PsychTalk will be opened up to a larger number of family practitioners in the Saskatoon Health Region. Our goal is to open up our site to all Saskatchewan physicians after the six month study period. PsychTalk will be evaluated at the end of six months to determine 1) what questions family practitioners ask of psychiatrists and 2) measure both physician & psychiatrist user satisfaction with this site.

Future of PsychTalk

Depending on the evaluation, interest and availability of funding for this endeavour, this site may continue to run after this study period. It is also possible in the future that a portion of the website will be opened up to the public for patients and their families to gain knowledge on mental disorders and mental health issues.

Check Us Out!

Check our PsychTalk website at If you are a family practitioner, and you would like access to our website, please contact our reseach coordinator Karen Mosier via email ( or by phone at 966-1840. If there is interest, we would like to open up our website to other health care professionals (e.g., psychologists, psychiatric nurses, social workers, etc.) so if you would like to see this happen please also let us know this.