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Perinatal Education Program

This program for physicians and nurses is available from the Division of Continuing Professional Learning and from Continuing Nursing Education. Ongoing continuing education programs for physicians and/or nurses are offered and consultation services are available to healthcare agencies throughout the province. Nurse educators coordinate the programs. Audiovisual materials are available for loan to physicians and nurses.

This program addresses the broad area of perinatal and newborn care, especially high risk care. Assistance is provided to arrange for resource speakers and to plan group learning activities, regional or local conferences. The program provides consultation with individuals, groups, facilities and health regions regarding best practice policies and procedures, equipment and documentation.


Increasing Availability of Fetal Ultrasound for Non-diagnostic Purposes

Health Canada, the FDA and the SOGC are concerned about the use of fetal ultrasound for other than diagnostic purposes. Ultrasound does involve a targeted energy exposure. In non-medical ultrasound maintenance of technical safeguards , operator expertise and governing competency is not ensured. Exposure may not be monitored or kept to a minimum, especially if the fetus is not in the optimum position. If fetal anomalies are present but not detected, parents may have a false sense of security.

Health Canada

It's Your Health - Fetal Ultrasound for Keepsake Videos

2003 article from Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada. Health Canada is recommending parents not expose their unborn babies to fetal ultrasound for the purpose of making keepsake videos.


Avoid Fetal "Keepsake" Images, Heartbeat Monitors

... The use of ultrasound imaging devices for producing fetal keepsake videos is viewed as an unapproved use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). ...


Non-Medical Use of Fetal Ultrasound