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Parent Education Resources

The Postpartum Parent Support Program (PPSP) is a Health Canada Program that has been implemented throughout the province in hospitals with obstetrical services and in the community. It includes a reference manual for health care providers, a question list for parents which assesses learning needs and a series of patient information sheets. The Perinatal Education Program coordinates activities provincially and provides in-service and updating seminars as requested.

Antepartum education resources for parents have been developed and were revised in 2007 in collaboration with the Saskatchewan Prevention Institute. These fact sheets were developed to assist health care providers provide clients with useful, straightforward information about a variety of common concerns and interventions encountered during pregnancy. See below for a list of topics and to download in PDF format.

Routine and Special Tests During Pregnancy is a booklet for pregnant women that provides information about a number of common and special tests, including ultrasound, amniocentesis, non-stress tests (electronic fetal heart monitoring), biophysical profile and fetal movement counting. The booklet has been extensively revised in collaboration with the Saskatchewan Prevention Institute and individual Fact Sheets are available to download below.

For further information, please contact the Perinatal Education Program.

For further information and pricing for print copies of the booklet and fact sheets, contact

The Saskatchewan Prevention Institute
1319 Colony Street, Saskatoon, SK S7N 2Z1
Phone - 306-655-2512 Fax 306-655-2511

Fact Sheets

updated Feb 15th 2006

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