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CADTH Self Audit Tool:  Proton Pump Inhibitors

The Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH) is a national body that provides Canada’s federal, provincial and territorial health care decision makers with credible, impartial advice and evidence-based information about the effectiveness and efficiency of drugs and other health technologies.

The following self test series is designed to assist physicians in effective selection and prescription of Proton Pump Inhibitors for patients who require this therapy.

CPL hopes that this will give physicians a template to assist in developing their own strategies for effective prescribing. One of CADTH's Directorates, the Canadian Optimal Medication Prescribing and Utilization Service (COMPUS), undertook a comprehensive review of Proton Pump Inhibitor research to help practitioners identify issues of possible over-use, under-use, or misuse of pharmacologic agents in this class.

Support from Gastroesophageal experts from across Canada, as well as the RxFiles Academic Detailers led to the development of many supportive documents and tools to clarify prescribing.

These attached items are not accredited for College of Family Physicians of Canada MAINPRO-M1 study credits. Your reading and study can be used as part of a MAINPRO-M2 study credit application, or as part of PEARLS process. A link to the CFPC website and PEARLS information can be found here.

To help you with your self-assessment process for evaluating PPI prescribing, we have prepared a sample self assessment tool for your use. Depending on your practice change needs, you may wish to modify portions of the form to better serve your specific practice.

SK CPL Audit form June 08

Some helpful links to assist you in identifying credible evidence for practice changes are featured below:

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