Below are videos about the cobalt-60 legacy, new U of S initiatives that advance nuclear medicine, and former or current U of S scientists who’ve made advances in medical imaging and nuclear medicine research. Some of these videos are produced by the U of S and some are produced by others.

Dean ChapmanDean Chapman - When Creative Sparks Fly"
Dean Chapman, leader of the Bio-Medical Imaging and Therapy Beamlines, shares his enthusiasm for the power of interdisciplinary partnerships which he believes could help make the U of S a world leader in biomedical research.
(Dr. Dean Chapman, Canada Research Chair in X-Ray Imaging)
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Gregg AdamsGregg Adams - Dreams of a Vet"
As a boy, Gregg Adams dreamed of becoming a veterinarian; his newest dream is to build BMIT, a sophisticated new bio-imaging and therapy beamline that will help further his passion for veterinary research.
(Dr. Gregg Adams, Veterinary Biomedical Sciences, U of S)
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The Cancer Bomb Exhibit & Cobalt-60 at 60

The legacy of Saskatchewan's Innovative Cancer Treatment
Videos from the presentation at the Saskatoon Western Development Museum, December 4 2011

The Cancer Bomb Exhibit

View the exhibition at the Western Development Museum.