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University of Saskatchewan Employee Services Card

The University of Saskatchewan Employee Services Card provides identification for library access, the PAC, Food Services debit account access as well as being a useful general purpose identity verification card for on and off campus purposes.

New Employees
Your card can not be created until Human Resources receive your payroll forms from your department and an employee ID number has been assigned to you. Human Resources send this information to the Campus ID Card Office once per month. Please wait for one pay period to obtain your Employee Services Card.

To avoid potential delays, please bring official documentation containing your new employee ID number (e.g. payroll stub).

Retiree's can still use thier UofS ID card at the Library, access to Library resources will continue up to 5 years past retirement. If you still wish to access UofS Library resources after 5 years please contact the UofS ICT helpdesk and ask for your "Library Patron service" to be extended another 5 years, be sure to mention you are a former UofS retired employee.

Identification is required when requesting an Employee Services Card. Please be prepared to produce one of the following forms of identification:

Replacement Cards will cost $20.00.

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