University of Saskatchewan

Campus ID Card Office

University of Saskatchewan Student Card

Free cards are produced for all registered students for all terms. Replacement cards will cost $20.00 as of May 1, 2012.

You do not require a new student card every year. Your card is automatically activated when you register in at least one class. Even if you are not enrolled in classes for a year or two, your card is reactivated when you return. So, please do not throw away your card.

Identification is required when requesting a student card. Please be prepared to produce one of the following forms of identification:

We also ask that headwear be removed unless it is worn for medical or religious reasons.

-          The student ID card remains the property of the University of Saskatchewan, any duplication or altering of the card itself or copying data off the card mag stripe of any sort is strictly forbidden.

Campus ID Card Office Hours of Operation