Financial Contributions

* Contributions to the University Including the 1.5% of Revenue

Food Services/ Vending/Hospitality$38,679$47,217$12,847$2,363$4,267
Retail (Bookstore)$260,644$297,269$3,314,473$276,308$209,743

All Consumer Service units pay rent or building maintenance and utilities, in addition to other business operation costs.  On a yearly basis cost recovery units ( Post office, Printing Services and Office Copiers) pay 1% and Consumer Service retail units ( Bookstore, Card office, Food Services, Hospitality Services, Residences and Parking) pay 1.5% of gross revenues to the University operating funds to cover services provided by the University such as Human Resources and Financial Services.

In addition Consumer Service areas make direct contributions to the University on a yearly basis of $300,000.00 - $370,000.00.  On request Consumer Service areas make direct contributions to the University such as $604,689.00 from parking Services in 2004/05 and $3,000,000.00 in 2005/06 from the Bookstore to assist in the funding of the College Building renovations.

In 2005 the Consumer Services Business Administration Scholarship was implemented. Contributors to the scholarship fund were staff of CSD.