University of Saskatchewan

Office Copiers

Costs and Billing

MFD Costs

Please contact Devon Morin at 966-8703 or by email for MFD pricing. Please note that costs are all-inclusive with the exception of paper and staples. As there are no service, maintenance, ro warranty fees, your department should not receive any other invoices from Xerox Canada Ltd.

Networking Costs

If you set up your MFD as a printer, scanner, or fax machine, if must be networked. If you require a network line installed, please contact Della Brien from ICT Platforms at 966-1371 or by email.

If you selected the Print, Scan, or Fax options on your new Xerox photo-copier then there are several steps required to get the device working in your area.  For example, if you selected the print option for your Xerox 35/430, you need to: Give it a name and register it with ITS, setup print queues for the new printer, and install drivers on personal workstations.

For help setting up your Xerox 35 on the campus network please consult your local IT support staff or contact the ICT Service Desk.

After your copier is registered on the University network a Xerox technician will assist with the setting up of the drivers on personal workstations.


Departments will be billed quarterly for MFD leases, in July, October, January, and April. In order to reflect the correct amount of copies on your Unifi statement a form for a meter read will be sent prior to the end of the current billing quarter. It is extremely important that these meter reads be taken and sent back to the Consumers Services Department. If the meter reads are not received back on time an estimate of previous copies will be taken.