Marquis Culinary Centre

Managing the Marquis Culinary Centre, catering services and a number of retail outlets, the trained culinary staff maintains the highest standards for food service on campus. Whether you're grabbing a coffee on the go, fueling up with snacks, or enjoying a lunch or dinner with friends, Culinary Services strives to provide the University of Saskatchewan community with nutritious dining options at a great value. 


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Our Food Outlets

Finding a hot cup coffee, sandwich or full course is never difficult with our vairety of food outlets options on campus. Culinary Services manages the following self-operated locations;

In addition, we also offer popular brands in key locations such as;

Catering and Conferences

Culinary Services caters hundreds of on-campus events and receptions each year. Our experienced staff will work with you to develop a menu suitable for your event, no matter the size. Food options include everything from breakfast and lunch party platters to complete meals to alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Delivery is available anywhere on campus, and can we deliver anything from a gallon of coffee, to 3,000 lunches, to snacks for a reception of 200 people

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Meal Plans

Campus Meal Plans and cash cards are available to anyone who dines on campus, whether that's three meals a day, or just a few meals a week. With a Campus Meal Plan, you don't need to carry cash on campus, you receive a discount on meals, you gain access to a variety of healthy food choices, and you can save time in your weekly routine by not having to brown bag your meals.
The pre-paid meal plan allows you to choose from buffet-style dining at Marquis Hall or grab and go options, while the weekly dining plan is designed for people who eat at the Marquis Culinary Centre on a daily basis. 

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Associate Director, Culinary and Residence Services
George Foufas

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James McFarland

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Bobbi Bates

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