Featured Projects

Sustainable Transportation

Parking and Transportation Services works closely with the Office of Sustainability on campus to source and implement alternative transportation programs including Enterprise Car Sharing, Carpooling, Bike lockers and Eco Pass. Each of these programs offer users the sustainable transportation options that reduce the number of vehicles on the road and assist with the ongoing efforts to make our campus more accessible.

Existing Residence Renewal for McEown Park and Voyageur Place

An overall plan for renewal of the current residence facilities focusing on the four McEown Park towers from 2010 to 2020 has been initiated with approximately 30% of the current apartments renovated and major investments made in boilers, plumbing and electrical infrastructure, and fire alarm systems. 

Amenities Building Design and Development

The amenities building forms an integral piece of the College Quarter and McEown Park student residences. Situated between Phase I and Phase II of the undergraduate residences, the amenities building will provide both social and academic space with some convenience services for the 1,850 students planned for the College Quarter. The design plans for a signature facility have been completed. However, the cost estimates exceed funds available and revisions will be made to the design to reflect a more appropriate facility for the required use. This is listed as a project for the third integrated plan and will require support from PCIP and PEC to proceed. 

Student Family Housing

This project involves a 200 unit townhouse development for students with families. Souris Hall in McEown Park is the current student family housing with 67 two bedroom apartments. Planning for this project has been delayed given the priority for the undergraduate and graduate housing projects. This is outlined as an opportunity to consider in the third integrated plan.