Changes to the Copyright Act come into effect today

As of today, November 7, 2012, the changes to the Copyright Act that were part of Bill C-11 come into effect.  The Copyright Act is the piece of federal legislation regarding copyright and allowable uses of material protected by copyright.  There has been an effort to reform and modernize the Copyright Act, including many failed attempts to pass new legislation, so today’s changes have been a long time coming.... (full story)

Important New Copyright Procedures for all Teaching Staff and Faculty

As a result of the June 2012 decision to remain outside Access Copyright, the University of Saskatchewan has been working to help ensure members of the university community are using copyright materials appropriately.  We would like to thank the university community for their support as we have undertaken these challenges over the past year.... (full story)

SCC Decisions a win for Fair Dealing

On July 12, the Supreme Court of Canada handed down five long-awaited decisions on cases dealing with copyright and fair dealing.  These decisions provide additional guidance and clarity on the application of fair dealing. Two of the five decisions directly treated different aspects of fair dealing. The court has reaffirmed its strong stance in the landmark CCH v Law Society of Upper Canada decision and the new decisions in Alberta (Education) v Access Cop... (full story)

The U of S will not sign the Access Copyright model license

Today, a memo (below) was distributed to all staff and faculty of the University of Saskatchewan regarding its decision toward the Access Copyright model license agreement as well as new copyright procedures to follow. (Click here for the official memo in PDF format)... (full story)

Bill C-11 Receives Royal Assent

Michael Geist has reported that Bill C-11 has received Royal Assent. The bill must now go through a series of new regulations and so the date it will come into effect has yet to be determined. ... (full story)

Bill C-11 passes 3rd reading at House of Commons

As ... (full story)