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General Copyright Information Session: July 2012 [NOTE: this video does not take the updates in the Copyright Modernization Act into consideration]

You may "jump" to any of the following points in the presenation by clicking on the links below:

Opening remarks/Intro – 0:00
What's New - 02:00
Campus Contacts – 08:23
Library Resources - 13:13
                MONDO info – 13:45
                MONDO demo – 14:38
Other Resources - 24:00
Preparing Course Materials (Handouts) - 28:37
Preparing Course Materials (Coursepacks) - 31:10
Preparing Course Materials (Electronic) - 34:00
Suggestions for Seeking Clearance – 39:27
Compliance requirements – 42:49
Closing Remarks/Contact info – 46:46

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