University of Saskatchewan

Corporate Administration

Contract Signing Procedure

After appropriate internal consultations and the due diligence process described in the Signing Authority Policy are completed and the agreement has been put into a form ready for signing, it is recommended that it first be signed by the other party.  

Normally, agreements should be signed in duplicate original.  Before agreements are submitted to the University's Signing Authority delegates for execution, they should be endorsed by or on behalf of the Dean, Department Head or other responsible official of the University administrative or academic unit.  The endorsement need not appear on the contract.  It can be provided via separate e-mail/memo confirming that the contract is recommended for signature. The Signing Authority Policy provides that the purpose of an endorsement is as follows:

  1. There is conceptual and operational support for the University to enter into the contract, and
  2. There are sufficient human, physical and financial resources under the contract or within the University administrative or academic unit, unincorporated entity or institute to meet the University's obligations under  the contract."

It assists the endorser and University's Signing Authority delegates if the contract is submitted with a Due Diligence Document

For Research contracts other specific acknowledgements and endorsements are required.

If the contract does not need to be approved by resolution of the Board of Governors (see Signing Authority Policy Part D), it should be routed to the Signing Authority delegates who are authorized under Part E of the Policy. 

Two signatures are required for proper execution of all University contracts and the University seal, which is located in 212 College, should be affixed.

Contracts applying approved templates may be signed by Deans and heads of administrative units, entities and Institutes and their delegates. Templates are contracts approved by the Vice-President (Finance and Resources). Templates standardize the terms of contracts of a routine and frequent nature. To access templates or initiate development of a template, please refer to the contact information for the Contracts Coordinator or Operations Officer. Appointment of designates requires prior written authorization of the Dean/Head. The same Delegate or designate may not provide both signatures on a contract.

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