Immunization and Injections

Training Information

Mandatory Update on Immunizations


Update for Immunization (Publicly Funded Influenza) is a mandatory training update to reinforce knowledge for your advanced method certification. This update is required for all certified members when you renew your next 2018-2019 license.


Live Training Sessions

We have completed our fall 2017 courses. Please contact CPDPP about future injection training sessions.

IM Technique Video

Jill Friedt, our nurse trainer, has helped us create a short video outlining the proper landmarking and technique for administering flu shots.

Initial Training

The Immunization and Injection Training consists of two components: 

 Part 1 Online Training:  Education Program for Immunization Competencies (EPIC)

  • This online education program provides participants with an in-depth review of the Immunization Competencies for Health Professionals.
  • There is an additional module which is specific to giving immunizations in Saskatchewan.
  • CCCEP accredited for 22.0 CEUs + 3 CEUs for the SK module

 Part 2 Live Clinical Training:  Theoretical and Practical in Administration of Injections: A Course for Practicing Pharmacists     

  • This is a 5 hour, live workshop that follows the online training.  In this interactive, hands-on workshop, pharmacists will learn the theory, and put into practice the skills of administering intradermal, subcutaneous, and intramuscular injections. 
  • CCCEP accredited for 5.0 CEUs

         Prerequisites:     1) Completion of the Part 1 online training
                                         2) Possession of a current Standard First Aid/CPR C or CPR Level HCP                                             with AED Certificate
                                         3) Hepatitis B vaccination is not mandatory, but is strongly                                                                              recommended

NOTE: If you have taken training in another province, or through your employer, and would like to have a prior learning assessment done on the training you’ve taken, please contact CPDPP (306-966-6350) for more information.  If you have taken the training elsewhere, you will be required to complete the "Saskatchewan specific" module from CPDPP at a cost of $225.00 + GST, in order to comply with the legislation.

This is a 1.5 hour, in-person workshop designed to provide injection certified pharmacists the opportunity to refresh their injection skills.  The course is accredited for 1.5 CEUs.

Workshop Prerequisites:

  1. Must have completed both the online modules and the in-person skills workshop previously.
  2. Must have current CPR Level C or CPR Level HCP (Health Care Provider) with AED and Standard First Aid certification.
  3. Hepatitis B immunization is not mandatory, but is strongly recommended.

We don't have any upcoming workshops.

Module 15: Essential Competencies for Injection of Other Substances -- Saskatchewan Specific Module
This module is accredited for 3.0 CEUs.

*If you completed the Immunization and Injection training through CPDPP, you have already completed this module. 

This module is specific to giving immunizations in Saskatchewan. If you completed immunization and injection training from another approved provider or in another province, you must complete this module to receive authorization to administer injections in Saskatchewan.

Please provide CPDPP with copies of the following documents:

  1. Certificates for your Immunization and Injection Training program.
  2. A signed, self-declaration stating the most recent date you administered an injection to a patient.
  3. A certificate or document showing you have current training for Standard First Aid CPR C with AED.
  4. If you are vaccinated for Hepatitis B, please provide a signed, self-declaration along with the year you received the vaccination. Hepatitis B vaccination is not mandatory, but it is strongly recommended.
  5. The completed registration form


First Aid/ CPR Requirements

Standard First Aid with CPR C or HCP with AED


Hepatitis B Recommendation

We strongly recommend current vaccination against Hepatitis B.  WHO standards state that Hepatitis B immunizations are considered valid for 20 years, if it has been longer than that, a booster is recommended, especially for health care professionals or anyone who could be exposed to bodily fluids.

The following support documents can be found on the PAS website:
  • Sample Anaphylaxis Management Protocol
  • Needle Stick Injury
  • Management of Exposure to Blood and Body Fluids
  • Adverse Reaction Reporting